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SEMCO – Quality resulting from tradition. Certificates resulting from quality!

SemCo is a Polish company with a family tradition. The history of the family goes back to France, from where in 1782 came our ancestors and they settled in Poland. It was a tradition that father ancestors dealt with agriculture, and mother ancestors with forestry and milling. Hence – the habitat we currently occupy is a mill built in 1906. Since 1990 we run a specialized SemCo SGNiP holding of 50 hectares and contracting of 250 hectares at the farmer-specialists. We have a production base with warehouses in central Poland. We have a specialized laboratory.

SemCo is a member of the Polish Chamber of Regional and Local Product and sits on boards of the Chamber of Regional and Local Product in Wielkopolska and Slow Food Poland.

Oil production

We base on the production of oils containing Essential Unsaturated Fatty Acids, including evening primrose, borage, wheat germ and blackcurrant seeds. In addition, we press linen, camelina, hemp, milk thistle, etc.

Between 1992 and 1997, we produced 3 types of evening primrose creams and 5 types of Ginkgo creams based on our oils and extracts. The sales network comprised around 110 wholesalers and customers, including Cefarm branches. We finished production of the mentioned creams at the moment of intensive penetration of the Polish market with the same cosmetics of foreign origin. Until 2000, we produced on a large scale a paramedicine Evitol – having an audit for its production. We continue to supply many herbalists with this product.

Oil production in our plant is based on plantations of contracted seeds and monitored during the vegetation period. The seeds come from Polish farms and from own varieties registered in COBOR, eg. Jara Śmiłowska camelina and Stuttgarten Riesen onions.

Production is done according to the HACCP system.

Today we continue to produce oils as an intermediate for further processing. A significant part of our business is the international trade of oilseeds and oils containing unsaturated fatty acids.


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